Solon Security is recognised as the UK’s leading supplier of quality crime prevention and community safety products.

Who are we

Solon Security are the UK’s leading supplier of quality crime prevention and community safety products.

Our ethos of working in partnership with our customers to develop and deliver market leading solutions is as strong now as it was at our formation in 1995.

Over this period we are proud to have developed a reputation as industry leaders in quality. Solon are the only company in our marketplace to be ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance certified. We are also proud to be a Secured by Design member company, with the widest range of Police Preferred Specification products on the market.

What we do

We are a specialist wholesaler into UK Police, Public Sector, Charities, Universities, Housing & Telecare Associations and many, many more.

We work closely with organisations right across these markets by supplying our products to help them prevent crime, combat fear and improve wellbeing in their areas, as well as increasing their community engagement.

Our carefully curated product range is made up of our own specialist company brands and solutions, plus a host of items from widely known brand names, of which we are approved distributors.

Our experienced and dedicated team are complimented by an unbeatable stockholding and industry-leading service, which includes the offering of next-day delivery.

How we started

Established in 1995 by owner John Fearnall, whose new business proposition to the Police would come to revolutionise the purchasing process by bringing wholesale prices to the market.

This had obvious cost benefits for the Constabularies, but it also allowed them to work in partnership to develop specialist products with us, focusing on specific crime types.

 “Our role is not only to ensure best value, but to use technology and innovation to keep pace with crime.”

John Fearnall, Founder & Owner

Some early initiatives delivered impressive results. The introduction of our Don’t Bother Kits helped slash the number of thefts from vehicles. The Memo-Minder was developed to meet the needs of a national bogus caller campaign, providing reassurance to thousands of elderly residents.

Simple, practical measures like these would help raise awareness of current crime trends and allow Police Forces to direct resources where needed.

Solon adapted as the challenges of our industry became ever more sophisticated. We worked closely with the Home Office to deliver ‘Locks for Pensioners’ which today remains the single largest national crime prevention programme. This proved to be a blue-print for how the public sector would tackle crime and engage with the public over the next quarter-of-a-century.

Countless projects over the years have cut through and delivered results. Operation Mistletoe in 2007 delivered thousands of alcohol awareness packs to help the strain on our night-time economy.

As part of Operation Liberal, Solon supplied hundreds of covert cameras to help the surge in bogus-caller victims – many prosecutions were upheld as a result of this evidence.

The scale of the projects became more ambitious over the years, but the policy of working in partnership to find solutions remained resolute.

The recent success of our award-winning Defender Signal Blocker is a prime example. Developed to help the police tackle distraction driving, the Signal Blocker was adapted as a portable faraday bag as a tool to address relay-theft of modern vehicles.

It is now being distributed across the country to help raise awareness of what is a relatively new crime, ushered in by the advent of keyless fob technology. 9/10 cars are currently stolen using this technique. The private sector saw the immediate benefits and car manufacturers and insurance companies now use our product to offer their customers greater protection and reduce their premiums.

In 2015, Solon was proud to be awarded the tender to supply torches to front-line police officers. Our Defender Lumos’ product is now used by 25 Forces and has initiated a successful range of ultraviolet, dual function and high powered torches to complement the original. This came as a direct result of working closely with our customers and listening to their operational requirements.

Our own ‘Defender’ brand has also gained incredible traction in recent years, offering a cost-effective but high quality brand which has become a firm favourite amongst the end users of our customers, to the extent it has taken on a life of its own as a retail brand.

We work closely with the police referral scheme, Secured by Design, to ensure a large number of our products are independently and rigorously tested by a third party. This offers our customers even greater peace-of-mind, ultimately ensuring that the public are getting quality crime prevention materials.

Our products are now utilised every single day, helping to keep people safe and well in their home, on their farm, in their university accommodation or in their workplace. From first-time students to elderly residents living alone, we develop products to reach all corners of society.

Who we sell to

Our core focus is the Public Sector. Having worked with the Police for more than a quarter of a century we know this market well and how best to serve it. We have strong ties with every Force in the UK, working closely with uniformed and civilian staff to provide innovative solutions to tackling crime.

Our customer base has grown extensively since we started up and now spans the entire public spectrum; Police, Councils, Fire Services and NHS. The Community Safety Partnerships (CSP’s) include partners from all of these ‘responsible authorities’, often working in tandem with the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

In more recent times, during 2020 the Home Office opened applications for funding nationwide, with the aim of helping particularly vulnerable neighbourhoods in a project known as Safer Streets.

Initially open to police forces and later CSP’s as a community safety programme, later iterations saw it also expand into local authorities other relevant organisations with additional focus areas such as property theft and VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls).

Safer Streets provided an invaluable resource to previously under-funded and deprived authority areas, towns and cities. Solon were delighted to work alongside dozens of partners, supplying an extensive range of products to support the various initiatives.

We highly value our relationship with Neighbourhood Watch who often provide the eyes and ears at local level, doing fantastic work. Solon also have a long-standing partnership with the Street Pastors; a network of Christian charities who help the night-time economy by offering assistance and advice (and flip-flops!) to those in need.

Charitable groups often know their sector better than anyone. They support, advocate and lobby for change to improve the lives of the people who often rely on them. Their funding is hard-earned, therefore cannot be squandered. We are privileged that so many wonderful charities entrust Solon products to provide security and reassurance to their clients, often during a traumatic time of life.

Our work with Universities is extremely rewarding. Often first-time students are adjusting to their new surroundings and as a result can be vulnerable. A vibrant night-time scene can add to the issues which security teams across the country have to manage. Fresher’s fairs are usually the starting point and our innovative range of products aims to protect, educate and inform students of common campus threats like bike theft, personal safety and drink spiking.

Our project with The University of Oxford saw a 30% reduction in reported cycle theft after distributing over 900 Gold Sold Secure D-locks in 2014. This scheme continues successfully today.

Our work with Housing Associations has taken us and our product range into new and bold directions. From tackling issues as diverse as anti-social behaviour and domestic violence to dog fowling, fuel poverty and even condensation and mold! Traditional community safety products have been innovated to meet the needs of residents today, which has only come about due to the close relationships developed with these customers.

In 2015 Regenda Housing were the first to distribute Hygrometer-Thermometers to their residents. It was a simple, cost-effective solution to help keep condensation at bay, consequently helping to keep tenants healthy and saving housing groups thousands. It caught on and by the end of that same year dozens of associations came forward to replicate the scheme.

Last but not least are members of the public themselves, the end users who are given our products. As a wholesaler, Solon do not supply end users directly, however we encourage any interested buyers to visit our affiliate company at:  where a range of the same products can be purchased online.

Our Prices

At Solon Security we pride ourselves on offering ultimate value for money. As a wholesaler we purchase in bulk, allowing us to pass these savings directly onto our customers.

We have a healthy mix of imported products and UK-sourced items. Our excellent relationships with our suppliers mean we’ll always be in a position to provide you the most competitive price.

Why are there no prices online? Our customer base is unique, diverse and complex. Products are purchased across various levels of public and private organisations, all of whom have their own methods of procurement, contracts or even long-term tender requirements.

For this reason, advertising a single unit price is far more complicated than it might for more traditional FMCG wholesalers.

We therefore encourage you to contact our team for an individual quotation based on your organisation and circumstance. We’ve made it as quick and easy as possible and in many cases, you’ll find your organisation is already on a dedicated price list.

To request a quotation call 01352 762266 and ask for our sales team.

Alternatively email and we will get straight back to you.



Can I request a price list? Of course. Please contact us and we can email across the relevant price list if this is easier for you.

Do you offer any discount on bulk purchases? We would recommend that you call us to discuss your project. We always try our best to help maximise your budget to the best of our ability and this can be done in several ways.

I’m applying for funding and not sure what my budget is yet? This is a very common issue and we are experienced in dealing with it. We will do our best to provide an indicative – but accurate – quotation based on the information you have to hand.

I want to put my logo / artwork on your products? Promotional products and engagement style events are supremely effective and can look great but the costs can easily spiral out of control. We work closely with a team of local printers and source effectively overseas in order to provide cost effective solutions. We will need to view your artwork first before providing an accurate cost. Unit prices vary depending on the print runs, so please contact us to discuss.

I’m not looking for wholesale purchase/where can I buy for personal use? Visit affiliate company to choose from a range of the same products and purchase online.

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